A group of Barça partners is presented as a private prosecution in the Negreira case

First, it was Madrid; then, the Higher Sports Council (CSD); later, the Spanish Football Federation (FEF). And now it is a group of Barça members grouped together on the ‘Un crit valent’ platform, who also appear as a “private prosecution” in the Negreira case.

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But that decision of ‘Un crit valent’ is not exclusive as they have announced in the official statement where they reveal their desire to open the possibility that “other partners can join”.

What this platform of Barça partners wants is, as they have recalled, “to have access to the facts and purify the responsibilities that those involved may have incurred”. It also intends, ‘Un crit valent’, “to defend the rights of the members of FC Barcelona and their honor as injured and offended party”.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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