Dan Walker gets back on the bike for the first time as he’s still ‘painful’ after horror crash

Dan Walker, 46, took to Instagram earlier today to share with his fans that he found the courage to get back on his bike after his horrific crash. The Channel 5 star shared a photo of himself riding an orange bike while wearing a helmet and looking upbeat.

In legend, the presenter admitted in view of his 285,000 followers that he “felt safe” despite having suffered such a big scare not so long ago.

He wrote: “I got back on the bike for the first time today and felt safe and secure with no flashbacks.

“New bike, new helmet…just disappointed that we couldn’t match the socks to the frame.”

Dan received an outpouring of support from concerned fans who urged him to “stay safe”.

Dan has since spoken out about the claims and explained why he chose not to use the Tube, as he published a column with The Sunday Times detailing how he was dealing with the crash.

Dan used the column to explain himself, writing: “One of the pertinent questions I’ve been asked this week is: ‘Why didn’t I use the Tube under the notoriously busy roundabout in Sheffield this morning?’

“The last two times I ventured out it was covered in broken glass from the night before and when you try to use it at this time of the morning you will often find the cycle path crowded with pedestrians on their way to work. “

One of those who spoke out against the former Strictly star was Hugh Bladon of the Alliance of British Drivers.

He told the MailOnline of the incident: “Neither Walker nor the driver are beyond reproach.

“Walker should have used the safer route provided to him as a cyclist (why aren’t cyclists using the facilities available to them?) and he is a clot for wearing dark clothes.

“Cyclists should ensure they are clearly visible at all times. The driver appears to be starting to move to their left, likely in preparation to take the next exit.

“With signs everywhere, other vehicles to consider and maybe trying to find your way, it’s a simple mistake to miss Walker, maybe hidden by the A-pillar. If I was cycling, I wouldn’t venture into that roundabout.”

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