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Trump launches blistering attack on the 'Stormy ''Horse Face'' Daniels extortion plot'

Donald Trump on Monday night declared he was the victim of a ‘Stormy ”Horse Face” Daniels extortion plot’, saying he was being targeted by a series of ‘horrible radical left Democrat’ investigations – and vowing he would always protect his supporters.

‘They are not coming after me – they are coming after you,’ he said, in a video posted to his social media network, Truth Social.

‘And I always will stand in their way.’

Trump is expected to be arrested this week in Manhattan, as a grand jury investigating hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels wrap up their deliberations. 

Sources told the 76-year-old will be arrested ‘on Wednesday at the earliest’. 

Police forces across the United States were making preparations for potential unrest if the former president is arrested. 

Trump’s arrest is believed to be imminent because he was offered the chance this week to speak to the grand jury about the $130,000 payments, made just before the election, but declined to testify.

Trump’s lawyers have enlisted Robert Costello, who previously advised Trump ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen, to testify against Cohen and attempt to damage Cohen’s version of events.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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