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Tickets to Beyoncé concerts are now so expensive in the US that American fans are flying to Europe

Music lovers are complaining that the price of concert tickets in the United States are now so expensive that it is cheaper to buy a plane ticket and see the show in Europe.

Beyoncé fan Mercedes Arielle, from Dallas, announced on Instagram that she had saved money by booking a flight to Stockholm to see the Renaissance tour, rather than buying a ticket in her hometown.

‘Beyoncé is a ministry,’ said Arielle, explaining the lengths she went to to get tickets.

She told The Washington Post: ‘When I think about the things she is saying in her music about experiencing joy and celebrating black women? She made us feel empowered and capable and strong and worthy.’

Arielle told NBC News she bought VIP tickets to the Stockholm show for $366, while her friends in Dallas spent $900.

She said she was so close to the stage, ‘Beyoncé is gonna sweat on me. That’s how close I am.’

Arielle, whose Instagram account offers tips to ‘hack luxury by any means possible,’ said she was using points from travel loyalty cards to pay for her hotel.

Another Beyoncé fan, Kylyn Schnelle, 28, from Louisville, Kentucky, said tickets for the show in her hometown were on resale sites for over $800.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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