The curse of Kim Kardashian haunts the teams she encourages, and this is why Liverpool fans want her

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The presence of the world’s first reality show star, Kim Kardashian, in football matches has become a bad omen for the teams she encourages, which prompted Paris Saint-Germain fans to describe Kim’s presence on the stands of the “Parc des Princes” stadium of the French capital as a curse that befell them. While the opposing team considered it a good omen for him.

In the details, Kim Kardashian was present on the field during the match that saw the Parisian club lose at home for the first time in 715 days, ending its record of 35 consecutive matches without defeat.

Kardashian, accompanied by her son “Saint”, encouraged the French club during their trip in which they visited all parts of Europe, and during that match Kim carried a shirt of the Brazilian star Neymar, although he did not participate in the match, as the Brazilian was absent for some time due to injury. Despite the painful loss, her son was able to meet the first Paris star, French player Clian Mbappe.

Constant jinx
It seems that the international star’s jinx affected not only the French club, but also extended to the English club Arsenal, as Kim attended the club’s match in the European League, unleashing a curse on the teams in her stadium, as Arsenal lost to Sporting Lisbon and was eliminated from the competition in the biggest surprises of the championship. . These losses disappointed Kardashian and her son, as they were hoping to see the English club in the final of the tournament.
Arsenal fans appeared very angry after the match, and held Kardashian responsible for the loss, calling her the “new Drake”, while Sporting Lisbon fans considered Kim’s presence a good omen for them.

Among the anecdotes that persecuted Kim Kardashian because of the alleged loss of the teams that are in her stadium and encourage her, is to ask Liverpool fans to obtain it during their matches with Manchester City, which will be held at the Etihad Stadium for the latter, in the hope that it will affect him and the City will lose the meeting, which is what he described. A number of Liverpool fans said it would be inevitable if the international star attended.
These were not the only criticisms leveled at Kim Kardashian on her European trip, as her appearance in Paris with a swollen face made some point fingers at her and criticize her for what they considered an exaggeration in her plastic surgeries.

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