"Women’s noun".. A Gulf comedy series on Emirates Channel

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The series “Nun Al-Niswa” presents beautiful and interesting stories about five female friends, whose names begin with the letter N: (Nada, Nabila, Naglaa, Najwa and Noura), which is shown on Abu Dhabi Al-Emarat Channel, in the Ramadan drama season that begins tomorrow, Thursday.

The work, written by Salam Muhammad, and directed by Muhammad Kazem, takes place within a framework of comedy, and tells the story of five women whose names all begin with the letter N, which is an interesting paradox because in fact it brings them together more than the letter “N”, as they face issues of marital relations and problems that He spoke, especially the challenges and difficulties facing women and men in Kuwaiti society, in addition to another problem, which is the woman’s readiness to be a mother after marriage, and this is highlighted by the official announcement, as the focus is on the phrase “I am not ready to be a mother, what a terrible nightmare this is.” I’m not going to be a mother.”

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And the artist, Heba Al-Dari, revealed that she will present the character “Nada”, who loved her husband very much, but he marries her, and “Nabila”, the kind doctor who studied in America, her husband, “Karim”, cheats on her, and “Najla”, the strong and solid lawyer who controls her husband’s life, and “Najwa”, the famous and successful broadcaster, who does not allow anyone to influence her work, and “Noura”, a human development trainer who gives advice to everyone, but fails to solve her marital problems. The events of the series revolve around conflicts between female friends and their husbands. And the series is starring: Hussein Mahdi, Abdel Mohsen Al-Qaffas, Heba Al-Dari, Shahd Al-Yassin, Amira Muhammad, Abdullah Al-Talihi, Osama Al-Muzayel, Mahmoud Ramadan, Amal Muhammad, Nawaf Al-Ali, and Nawaf Al-Najm.

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