Mohamed El Helou sings a badge "shooting".. And this is what Ahmed Al-Awadi said

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed El-Helou, broke his isolation from presenting series badges, and returned in the new dramatic season, to present with his voice the badge of the series “Darb Nar”, starring the two stars: Ahmed Al-Awadi and Yasmine Abdel Aziz.
Actress Hanan Madi sings the series’s theme alongside El-Helou, in imitation of the theme of the “Al-Wasiya” series, which they sang together 33 years ago.
The series’ badge bears the title “When the road goes astray”, written by the lyricist Amir Tuaima, while Khaled Ezz handled the composing and arranging process. The work also witnesses the presence of musician Amir Abdel Majeed as well, through the playing of the qanun, and the song talks about the events and feelings that the series carries.

Muhammad Al-Helou was famous for presenting the badges of dramas, as he presented more than one work that the listeners’ ears were attached to. As for Hanan Madi, she presented many successful songs in the nineties of the last century, before she was absent for many years from the artistic scene.
The star of the work, the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, said about the song of the series: “Being that we present a song that represents the events that take place in the street, we thought of a song that when the audience hears it, they feel similar to them, and they feel nostalgic for their old memories, and the poet Amir Ta’ima created words that encouraged the great artists Muhammad Al-Helou, and Hanan Madi, to sing the series’ badge after a long break.
The song will be officially released with the start of the show on Abu Dhabi TV.

And the company that produced the series had released another song to promote the work, as a suspense to the audience, with the voice of the popular artist Ahmed Shaybah, entitled “Wahi Dunya”, written by Hani Fouad, composed by Tamer Koran and arranged by Mustafa Abu Raya, and her words say: “In us, God is the one who suffices us .. and we are tired We laughed and sacrificed.. and kept forgetting our names.. all our words remained with sighing/ we met people dear to us.. and there were people who were trampled on, our father.. and we worked to our roots.. when everyone was far away/ the troubles hovered around us.. and we were hurt, not once were we hurt.. And we have reached a stage of disorientation.. Our Lord alone knows the world between us.”

The events of the series “Darb Nar”, which will be shown by Abu Dhabi channels during the upcoming month of Ramadan, revolve around “Mahra”, who embodies her role, Yasmine Abdelaziz, a popular girl from Shubra, and “Jaber Abu Shadeed”, who plays Ahmed Al-Awadi, a young man from Sohag. To Cairo to open a rubber workshop in Shubra.
“Jaber” gets to know “Mahra” and a great love story arises between them that ends in marriage, as the love story between them takes another and different turn, and the two grow up working together until an evil businessman appears, embodying his role as Majed Al-Masry, who fights them and enters with them into great conflicts that are revealed in the episodes of the series. With some other stories about these personalities, whether in Shubra or with the Jaber family in Upper Egypt.

And the series “Darb Nar” written by Nasser Abdel Rahman, directed by Mostafa Fekry, and produced by Synergy Company, starring Yasmine Abdelaziz, Ahmed Al-Awadi, Majid Al-Masry, Hoda Al-Etribi, Suhair Al-Morshedy, Donia Al-Masry, Israa Rakha, Ahmed Ghazi, Iman Al-Sayed, Badria Tolba, Ahmed Abdullah , Tayseer Abdelaziz, and Tamer Magdy.

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