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The Real Reason Teresa Giudice Didn’t Invite Melissa Gorga’s Family to Her Wedding

Teresa Giudice had a good reason not to invite her in-laws to her August 2022 wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas.

At least, that’s what The Real Housewives of New Jersey star claimed on the Bravo series’ March 21 episode. Explaining to her co-stars why she didn’t send invites to sister-in-law Melissa Gorga‘s mother and sisters, Teresa stated “we have a history.” But in her confessional, she claimed it all has to do with her becoming a reality star more than a decade ago.

“Melissa’s mother and sisters were writing about me on social media,” the 50-year-old revealed, “and I know my mother would never write about anybody on social media. So I always just kept my distance after that.”

RHONJ then showed a 2011 tweet from Melissa’s sister, Lysa Simpson, that read, “Here’s how you know Teresa is lying, she’s talking.”

Another old screen shot showed Melissa’s mother, Donna Marco, had also previously replied to a fan’s Instagram comment in support of Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga. “I’m upset with Teresa and the girls for the hurt Joe is going through,” Donna wrote. “He really loved them all.”

Source of data and images: eonline

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