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Son who lost his father's ashes on Southend seafront after a pub crawl reveals they have been FOUND

A son has been reunited with his father’s ashes days after losing them when he got drunk while taking the casket on a ‘final trip to the beach’. 

Stan Blade took his father Stephen Jewitt’s ashes to the pleasure rides at Southend Pier, Essex, as a final farewell.

He then had to go home and admit to his furious stepmother that the casket had vanished. 

But today, a delighted Mr Blade told MailOnline how police had got in touch with him and revealed a refuse collector had found the ashes on top of a bin at Southend seafront.

Stan had initially planned to make a TikTok video himself of visiting pleasure rides at Southend Pier, Essex, with his father Stephen Jewitt’s ashes as a final farewell.

But instead of visiting the dodgems, he bumped into a group of old friends and ended up on a pub crawl in his former home town.

Sometime during the evening – during which he downed six cans of Stella and five pints of lager – Stan misplaced the shopping bag containing a wooden casket which held the ashes of his father, who had died aged 60.

He only discovered his blunder after finally arriving home just after midnight on March 18, and recorded the moment he had to confess to his stepmother – who had warned him not to take the ashes out with him. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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