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Succession star Brian Cox disses co-star Jeremy Strong's method acting AGAIN

Actor Brian Cox, who plays the aloof patriarch of the Roy family in HBO’s ‘Succession,’ is doubling down on his stance against co-star Jeremy Strong’s method acting. 

In a new interview on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,’ the Scotland native, 76, made fun of his ‘harsh’ words about Strong’s approach to acting, which he called ‘f**king annoying’ in a previous interview. 

‘Just f**king do it. Say the f**king lines and don’t bump into the f**king furniture,’ Cox’s states as his top tip for aspiring actors. 

The parody MasterClass is the latest jab at Strong, 44, whose Method acting has made headlines and caused Cox to say, ‘don’t get me going on it.’

Cox appeared on the late-night television program to promote the upcoming final season of ‘Succession’ which begins airing Sunday, March 26. 

In their nearly ten minute long discussion, Fallon and Cox discuss everything from their long careers to their favorite non-work activities before the conversation turns to Strong. 

‘You’ve actually gone viral for some of your opinions on Method acting,’ Fallon says. 

‘Well, you know Jimmy, I’ve been a little harsh,’ Cox says before briefly being cut off by the audience’s laughter. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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