A message from Mark Zuckerberg to employees "Facebook".. That’s what I revealed

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

It seems that the owner of the Meta company, Mark Zuckerberg, follows a dictatorial and authoritarian style in managing his first kingdom in the world of “social media”, as revealed by one of the messages that appeared to the public recently.
In the details, the “Internal Tech Emails” account, which is followed by nearly half a million people on Twitter, published a message from the Facebook founder’s email, dating back a decade, that Zuckerberg had directed to his employees, after one of them leaked it to the media. Confidential information belonging to the social media giant. In the alleged email, Zuckerberg calls on the leaders in his company to submit their resignations, threatening that their identities will be exposed and exposed to everyone if they do not comply with his orders.

In that e-mail, Zuckerberg expressed his frustration and disappointment about the leaking of information by his employees, which raised concerns about an internal meeting about Facebook’s future plans.
And that leaked information indicated that “Facebook” was developing a mobile phone, which Zuckerberg later denied.
The global businessman and pioneer of “Social Media” described the leak of this information as “treason”, directing a harsh criticism of people who share inside information with strangers.
The letter also reveals the 25-year-old tech giant’s anger over his employees leaking information to the press.
Zuckerberg expressed his great concerns about the repercussions of the leak, noting that Facebook’s relations with other companies in the mobile phone field may be at risk, due to the media’s access to this information.
The man showed strength and rigor in dealing with the matter, as he promised to suppress these leaks, but at the same time he confirmed that transparency and openness are an integral part of his company’s policy, but that does not mean giving up confidential information, calling on all employees to protect the company’s data and information.

dictatorial style
Reports, published by international media, indicate that this letter clearly reveals Zuckerberg’s dictatorial style, especially since he demanded the resignation of leaders in his company due to the leak of this information.
According to published reports, this incident is not the first to refer to the man’s way of managing his business through the use of an iron fist. In 2016, a former employee of “Facebook” wrote a book in which he likened Zuckerberg’s leadership of his company to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
The same book claimed that female employees on Facebook are subject to very strict rules, and their dress is controlled, as they are forbidden to wear short skirts as a distraction to others.
The pioneer of technology and social networking sites in the world has never commented on this news, or even on that leaked message from his e-mail.

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