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Whistleblower: Missouri kids' trans clinic misled lawmakers about surgically removing girls' breasts

A whistleblower has dropped more damaging claims against the Missouri children’s gender clinic where she used to work, saying officials lied to lawmakers about the breast-removal surgeries being carried out on minors there.

Speaking in a podcast this week, Jamie Reed, 42, said politicians were kept in the dark about mastectomies on adolescent girls and the age at which they could start receiving male testosterone hormones.

Her claims have further fuelled a debate about whether affirmation-on-demand is the only remedy for suicide-prone trans kids, and whether the puberty blockers and hormones increasingly being doled out do more harm than good.

Speaking in a podcast from the Gender Dysphoria Alliance, Reed said lawmakers were misled about whether breast removal procedures, or ‘top surgery’, were carried out on kids during legislative hearings at the Capitol in Jefferson City.

‘The way that my clinic was being represented to our state legislature was there were some outright falsehoods being stated,’ said Reed, who worked as a case manager at the clinic.

‘They would go to the legislature and say there’s no surgery happening with minors … and yet, I would be in clinic, and, know that they just looked at how somebody’s top surgery scars are healing, who is 16 or 17.’

Reed said they were also misled about the age at which trans teenage girls could start getting testosterone, a male hormone that leads to facial hair, bigger muscles, a deeper voice, and a stronger sex drive.

‘The age that people were starting testosterone in our center was not 16, as the standard said, it was 13,’ she said

Source of data and images: dailymail

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