Do YOU know the meaning of this road sign that is baffling motorists and cyclists? 

No right turn, except in two stages is an instruction that may not mean much to drivers, but cyclists should be very familiar with it.

The words appear on a road sign that was lauded by London Mayor Boris Johnson when it was introduced to the capital nearly eight years ago – but do you know what it means? 

The two-stage turn was designed to protect cyclists in 2015 – but even cycling groups are critical of them.

So, MailOnline asks… would you know what to do if approaching one of these blue signs, or a traffic light displaying ‘no right turn, except in two stages’? 

Two-stage right turns have been introduced to a number of busy city roads in recent years – but drivers are still baffled by signs indicating the unusual manoeuvre. 

The junctions were brought in to help protect cyclists from ‘unsafe’ right turns at crossroads, allowing them to avoid waiting for oncoming traffic to pass or being struck by left turning vehicles.

Instead, a new safety measure has been launched with a special ‘advance cycle light’ is added to traffic lights at the crossroads, which turns green while motorists continue to be held by a red light.

The first of the stages sees cyclists, positioned to the left of the road, proceed to move into a ‘marked holding area’ to their left.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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