Mohamed Heneidy: I ​​support plastic surgery… on one condition!

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As usual, he presents only what is beautiful and distinctive in the world of art. His films are similar to his cheerful spirit, and the comedy that he specializes in is only good at presenting. Throughout his professional years, his films and plays won the first places, because he is keen, as he always says, that his works are directed to all members of the family. He is a star. Comedian Mohamed Heneidy, who recently celebrated the success of his new movie “Nabil El Gemayel, a plastic surgeon”, in which he addresses the category of plastic surgeons and the unprecedented outburst of women to go for plastic surgery, “Zahrat Al Khaleej” met him during his visit to the United Arab Emirates to coincide with the screening of the film.

• Why did you choose the profession of a plastic surgeon specifically to put it in the comedy corner?

In fact, I found myself not playing many professions in my acting roles, neither a doctor nor a lawyer nor an engineer, so I liked to play the role of a doctor, and I found that the character of a plastic surgeon would be the closest to comedy, as he faces funny and entertaining situations, and at the same time I wanted to say a simple opinion on a subject Beautification, but the main goal is to increase the dose of comedy in the film through the topic, and for this the result came as we expected and the audience left happy after watching the movie.

• The film is your idea and production as well. What prompted you to go into production?

– Let’s start from the topic of the idea. Usually, by virtue of experience, the hero intervenes by adding, modifying or canceling a line of action, but this particular movie I wrote from the ground up, as I have a beautiful friendship with a plastic doctor, and for many years I have been thinking of a movie that talks about this special group From society, until the idea crystallized in my head, so I brought the work team and we started discussion and writing sessions until we reached this mixture. As for the issue of production, I am originally a graduate of the Film Institute, Department of Production, and throughout my life I did not work in this field, so I thought that this film should be related to me. From A to Z, and I said why not try the idea of ​​production in addition to acting and writing, so I can call this movie “the experience” more than being a movie in my career, especially since I also interfered in choosing the stars who participated in the starring roles in the movie, starting with the star Nour, with whom I work for the first time, passed through the artists Ahmed Selim, Rahma, Muhammad Salam and all the participants. They all liked the scenario and therefore presented their roles with great professionalism, which contributed to this collective success. I also sought the help of my children who graduated from the American University and studied production. We decided to start a family business and this film would be our first project.

• If we want to shorten the film’s message in light of what we hear about the problems of plastic surgery, what do you say?

In short, the message is to thank God for His grace upon us. Unfortunately, there are young girls who do not need any surgery, but they go to plastic surgery clinics in search of a better shape or perfection in beauty, to the extent that some of them have become obsessed with beauty, I have no opinion. Jurisprudential or medical, and if plastic surgery will treat a problem, then there is no objection to performing these operations, but if the operations are purely for cosmetic purposes, then I see that each age has its own aesthetics, and we should not change our forms just for the sake of change.

• Are you not afraid that women will be upset with this opinion?

– (Laughing) Never, I only give them advice, especially since we have become lost between similar faces and no longer distinguish one girl from another, especially young girls who do not even need this change.

• It is important for the film to be successful in the masses, and at the same time generate revenues from the box office.. How can you achieve this balance in your films?

– Originally, cinema, as we learned, is an industry, trade, and art in the first place, and if it does not achieve financial revenues, it will not continue. The issue with regard to comedy is very important that it touches people and that it is implemented at a very high level. Sometimes there are those who make it easy for the comedy film, while you are through comedy You can communicate big and powerful ideas, and this has been achieved through most of the films that you have presented so far. When you get tired of the film, it succeeds in audiences and achieves excellent revenues.

• You have already announced that you intend to present a new part of the movie “Saeedi at the American University”. Where did the project reach?

Mr. Gamal Al-Adl and I have already finished writing the script for this film, which we will show through and with the same characters and heroes what has changed in them after a quarter of a century has passed. The truth is that we took our time in this film because it is a great responsibility and it must achieve success comparable to the success of the first part, if not. Better, and that is why we wrote 3 scenarios until we reached a final idea, and we will start filming it soon.

• She is preparing to present a new movie in 2023 entitled “The Jeweler” with the star Mona Zaki. What do you say about this movie?

– The film is currently in the editing stage, and it is certainly a comic film. It is the first collaboration that brings me together with Mona since the movie “Saidi at the American University.” I embody the character of the jeweler, who is my wife, who causes me many problems and embarrassing situations that I cannot reveal at the moment, and the film Written by Omar Taher and directed by Islam Khairy, and co-starring Ahmed El Saadani, Lebleba, Aser Yassin and Tara Imad.

• Finally, will you repeat the production experience?

Very soon, and the next film will not be starring me, but will be starring the young artist Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. Production is a completely different line for me, and I will complete it regardless of my personal projects.

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