Revenge of the drivers: ULEZ cameras are covered over with bags in guerilla war against hated scheme

Opponents of London’s ULEZ expansion have launched a guerilla war against the very cameras that will be used to police the controversial scheme.

Shopping bags and cardboard boxes have started to appear over the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras set up by Transport for London (TfL) across the capital.

A box placed over a camera by one vigilante was had the words ‘stop electing idiots’ printed on its side. 

The scheme aims to reduce air pollution in London, and drivers whose cars do not meet minimum emissions standards are charged a £12.50 daily fee for entering the zone.

But, it has been revealed that the Met Police and British Transport Police will have access to the cameras for crime-fighting purposes, sparking privacy fears from campaigners. 

The ULEZ is just one of a range of measures introduced while Sadiq Khan has been London Mayo. Other green schemes include the many Lower Traffic Neighbourhoods (or LTNs) that block traffic moving through back roads, and the roll out of miles of cycle lanes throughout the city.

Critics say London mayor Sadiq Khan’s decision to expand the zone to cover the majority of land within the M25 unfairly targets the poor and many have taken to social media to applaud the vandals who have been covering the cameras.

Chris Rose tweeted: ‘Absolutely love that locals in London have covered the money grabbing ULEZ cameras with cardboard boxes and bags for life.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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