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Offenders who dump rubbish illegally will see on-the-spot fines double to £1,000

Fly-tipping hotspots will be named and shamed as part of the Government’s crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

Rishi Sunak will unveil new powers for police and councils today as part of a blitz to tackle community disorder and crack down on illegal drug use, including ‘hippy crack’.

He vows to treat anti-social behaviour ‘with the urgency it deserves’ by targeting the worst-affected areas with policing and immediate justice.

The ‘selfish minority’ who ‘ruin things for others’ will be made to repair the damage they have done within as little as 48 hours under the PM’s plan.

Communities will be given a say in the punishment offenders face – from picking up litter, cleaning graffiti or washing police cars – while wearing high-vis vests or jumpsuits.

‘Too many people suffer from gangs tearing up communities, hurling abuse and making people feel under attack in their own homes,’ Mr Sunak writes.

‘Too many women and girls don’t feel safe walking alone. And we’ve all seen the graffiti scrawled all over town centres – sometimes even on war memorials… Justice will be done, and it will be seen to be done.’

On-the-spot fines for those who fly-tip will more than double from £400 to up to £1,000, while litterbugs and graffiti vandals face £500 fines.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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