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Russian recruits are offered £500 for every kilometre of ground they gain in Ukraine

Russian recruits are being offered hundreds of pounds for every kilometre of ground gained in Ukraine, according to state advertisements.

One advertisement posted by a council in the Yaroslavl region promised a £3,100 sign-up bonus and an extra £530 for ‘each kilometre of advancement within assault teams’.

It comes as Vladimir Putin desperately tries to avoid another round of unpopular mobilisation – the last of which saw tens of thousands of men fleeing the country.

The Yaroslavl advertisement also offered a monthly salary of £2,000 plus £80 a day for ‘involvement in active offensive operations’. 

Enlistment offices are working with universities and social services to entice students and the unemployed to sign up for the military, with makeshift recruitment centres popping up in cities and towns.

But Russia analyst Kateryna Stepanenko questioned whether the recruitment drive would be successful. 

She told the Telegraph: ‘They’ve already recruited a significant proportion of people that were financially incentivised. And they struggled to do that last year.’

Putin announced Russia’s first mobilisation since the Second World War on September 21 last year.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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