The Hollywood Arab Film Festival honors director Muhammad Khan on this date

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The Hollywood Arab Film Festival, which will be held in its second session from April 26 to 29 in Egypt, aims to create a new space for filmmakers from the Arab region and North Africa to meet, develop and create, in addition to introducing international filmmakers to the Arab film industry and its uniqueness. And distinguish it, and discuss the challenges and problems it faces, in addition to ways to develop it, while also seeking to create a knowledge platform to introduce the Western audience to Arab cinema and its makers, and to learn directly from them about their issues and their cultural identity.

The new festival session bears the name of the late great director Muhammad Khan, and it takes place as part of the celebration of the month of Arab heritage, which begins in April of each year in the city that bears the same name as the festival in Egypt.

The festival provides media coverage through a wide range of Western platforms specialized in the field of cinema to achieve the greatest possible dissemination of the participating works, in addition to holding several activities that include a “market for the festival”.

Michael Bakhoum, director of the Hollywood Arab Film Festival, said that Mohamed Khan is a great name in the history of the Egyptian film industry, so the festival is keen to review his history full of many important works, in which the great stars participated, and to introduce young filmmakers from all over the world. His unique style and approach to directing.

While Ibram Mikhail, the artistic director of the festival, revealed that an agreement has now been reached with director Khairy Bishara on the details of celebrating the late Muhammad Khan, pointing out that the events are expected to witness the holding of a master class to talk about the cinema of the honored director.

The career of the late director Khan extended for more than 40 years, as his cinematic contributions amounted to 24 fictional works, starting with the movie “Sunstroke” in 1980 by the artist Nour Al-Sharif, who also presented in the same year starring the movie “Desire” with the participation of the artist Madiha Kamel, and worked with the artists Souad. Hosni and Ahmed Zaki in the movie “A Date at Dinner” in 1981, and Zaki had the lion’s share of Khan’s work, as they cooperated through several important films, namely: “A Bird on the Road” in 1981, “The Wife of an Important Man” 1988, and “Dreams”. Hind and Camelia” 1988, “Mr. Karate” 1993, and “Days of Sadat” 2001.

Among Khan’s most famous works with the artist, Adel Imam, was the movie “Al-Harif” in 1984. In 1982, Khan presented the movie “The Revenge”, which was starred by the artist Mahmoud Yassin and Yusra, and he collaborated with the artist Yahya Al-Fakharani in several films, namely: “He went out and did not return” 1984 And “Nass Arnab” 1983, and “The Return of a Citizen” 1986. In the same year, he directed the movie “Mishwar Omar” by Farouk Al-Fishawy, in addition to the two films: “Youssef and Zainab” 1984, and “Supermarket” 1990 by artist Naglaa Fathi.

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