Are the scenes of “The Apple of Your Eye” reproduced from the American series “Desperate Housewives”?

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

It is clear that the viewer’s eye does not forget anything, and sometimes it can detect quoting the story, or reproducing the scenes with ease, which is what happened with the Gulf series “Qara Ainak”, starring the artist Hayat Al-Fahd.

In the details, some accounts and pages on social media circulated some clips referring to the “cloning” of the Gulf series’ work makers, some of its scenes from the famous American series “Desperate Housewives”, or “Desperate Housewives”, which was shown in 2004 and lasted 8 seasons.

Among the scenes that the “Once a Week” program, which specializes in providing an analytical studio for the series of the Ramadan drama season, referred to its reproduction, was a scene in the third episode of the series, in which “Fatima” appeared, whose character embodies the Kuwaiti actress Shaima Ali, while she screams at her children who They do not give up their mischief while she is driving, until she hears one of the drivers screaming loudly, asking her to raise them, to feel provoked and get out of her car and start yelling at him and explaining what she did for her children.

It is a scene similar to a scene in which the American actress Felicity Hoffman, who was playing the character “Linetti Scavo” in the American series, appeared screaming at her quarrelsome children inside the car as well, so that the policeman stopped her and asked her to control them, and she started screaming at him while complaining about what she was going through. To raise and take care of them.

As for the second reproduced scene, it is for the mother herself, where “Fatima” puts her children on the road in order to punish them for crossing their limits, only to find that they have disappeared, and it is the same scene in which Scafo appeared.

And these two scenes are not the only ones that were reproduced, as the program indicated that there are 3 other scenes taken from the same American series, with some minor differences.

The American series follows the lives of four female friends trying to find the reasons behind suicide, while dealing with their marital, emotional and psychological problems.

While the events of the series “Qara Ainak” revolve around a woman named Kaltham Abdel Razzaq, who was unjustly imprisoned, and finds life different after her release, in a comedic, realistic framework that is close to the Gulf home.

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