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Selena Gomez Proves She Loves BFF Taylor Swift Like a Love Song at iHeartRadio Awards

You’ll be enchanted to learn what Selena Gomez had to say about her best friend Taylor Swift.

The “Same Old Love” singer gushed heartfelt words about Taylor in a video that was played at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards before Taylor took the stage to accept this year’s Innovator Award trophy.

As seen in footage of the montage, which featured multiple celebrities showing praise for Taylor, Selena declared the “cardigan” singer to be a “game changer.”

But Selena did not stop there. The Rare Beauty founder noted that Taylor has the innate ability to be a leader.

“She can represent what she’s walking through so well,” Selena added in the video. “Being a role model, I don’t think that’s something you sign up for. I just think it’s something you inherently have inside of you and I think that’s Taylor.”

As for what other stars had to say about Swift? Justin Timberlake, who won the Innovator honor in 2015, noted that when it comes to her fanbase, Taylor’s “not speaking to them, she’s kind of speaking for them.”

Source of data and images: eonline

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