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20-day-old boy bleeds to death after two women 'perform home circumcision' in Italy 

A 20-day old boy has died in Rome after a failed home ritual circumcision attempt, police have revealed. 

Two Nigerian women were arrested in connection with the child’s death after his parents rushed him to the hospital on Friday. 

The mother of the child is also being investigated on suspicion of conspiracy to commit manslaughter.

It follows on from a host of other such similar cases in Italy, such as that of a two-year-old in Rome in December 2018.

The boy – who was undergoing a circumcision operation performed by an American citizen of Libyan origin – also had a twin brother who narrowly survived his operation following intensive care. 

The doctor of the deceased child had called for help after he started to bleed excessively, Italian media reported at the time.

His mother was believed to be of Nigerian origin, and reportedly sought asylum in Italy and has five other children in Nigeria.

She reportedly asked for the operation to be performed in line with Islamic traditions, despite being Catholic. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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