SALLY SORTS IT: Our M&S sofas squeaked and now the seats have gone bobbly

In January 2021 we ordered two large sofas from Marks & Spencer costing £1,598. When they arrived three months later, we immediately noticed a squeaky noise when we sat on one of them and so reported it to M&S.

Technicians inspected the sofa, stripped it and advised us that the frame was broken in a few places as if it had been dropped from a great height.

M&S said if we wanted a replacement sofa instead there would be a ten-week wait. Since we’d disposed of our old sofas, we agreed to the repairs.

How we regret that decision now, as after it was repaired both sofas started to give us problems. The seat pads developed severe bobbling, making them very unsightly.

M&S said it could do no more and referred me to the Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman. It ruled that there wasn’t a manufacturing defect but requested M&S replace the seat covers.

But the same problem occurred soon afterwards. I asked for replacement sofas in a different fabric that didn’t bobble but was refused — and the ombudsman agreed with M&S when we asked it to rule again. Please can you help.

V. C., Hitchin, Herts.

Sally Hamilton replies: Acquiring a sofa, whether or not it’s from M&S, is not just an expense, it’s a big expense. It’s not something people do regularly, so I can understand your dissatisfaction over the fabric bobbling relatively soon after you bought your furniture.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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