Wholesale diesel at same level as petrol but is 17p pricier at pumps

Drivers of diesel cars are being ripped off at the pump by retailers who are charging 17.5p a litre more than petrol, despite the wholesale price of both fuels being at the same level.

The average price of petrol stands at 146.63p while diesel is 164.26p, according to the latest report from RAC Fuel Watch.

The motoring group said the overcharging of diesel vehicle owners by retailers is ‘absolutely shocking’ and blamed the big four supermarkets for inflating forecourts prices.

Since the beginning of March, the average weekly wholesale price of diesel has fallen 5p a litre, dropping from 119p to 114.5p.

In contrast, unleaded has remained almost the same throughout the month, rising from 114.6p to 114.7p.

According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch data, retailers are pocketing huge margins of 22.3p on ever litre of diesel sold. This represents 14 per cent of the total pump price.

In contrast, margins on unleaded are just 6.3p – around just 4 per cent of the full price of petrol paid by consumers. 

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: ‘The forecourt price disparity between petrol and diesel across the UK is absolutely shocking given their wholesale prices are now virtually identical.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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