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Lidia Thorpe brands Senator Hollie Hughes a racist for interrupting acknowledgement of country

Lidia Thorpe has sensationally accused a Liberal politician of racism and vowed not to tolerate being ‘racially vilified in her place of work’.

The claims of racism came after the firebrand Senator was interrupted while giving an acknowledgement of country.

The comment was too faint to hear from playback footage, but was picked up on the official transcript and was clearly heard by Ms Thorpe, who was speaking on the opposite end of the chamber about the impact of climate change and colonisation. 

It sparked an immediate response from Ms Thorpe, who pointed toward Ms Hughes and asked the room: ‘Is that racism?’

‘Can I just call out racism in this chamber right now, please? Acting Deputy President, I call it out.’

Ms Hughes immediately asked her to withdraw the comments, which she refused to do.

‘I am in my workplace, and I don’t need racists being racist to me while I’m reading my speech,’ Ms Thorpe said.

‘Can you make sure that I am not targeted with racism while I’m trying to do my job, please?’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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