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'Blood and fire' in France: Battles on the streets of Paris as riot cops charge pension protesters

Anti-government rioters brought ‘fire and blood’ to the streets of France today – days after a state visit by King Charles was cancelled because of the violence.

Up to a million people joined Tuesday’s marches against President Emmanuel Macron raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 without a parliamentary vote.

‘Radicalised elements from the Left and the Ultra-Left want to hijack the trade union processions,’ said Gerald Darmanin, France’s Interior Minister.

‘Their aim is to bring fire and blood to France,’ he added, saying that 13,000 police and gendarmes were mobilised, including 5,500 in Paris alone.

They were supported by armoured cars, water cannon, and military units in reserve.

Dozens of fires were lit around Nation square in Paris, after an authorised march finished in the mid-afternoon.

Paramilitary units responded with tear gas rounds and baton charges, in an attempt to hold back a huge group.

The most feared group was the Black Bloc – an alliance of anarchists from all over Europe.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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