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Gwyneth Paltrow Wins Utah Ski Crash Trial and Is Granted $1 in Damages

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s civil trial about a 2016 ski accident has come to an end.

A jury in Park City, Utah has found retired optometrist Terry Sanderson to be 100 percent at fault in the collision case and said he caused the Oscar winner harm. The jury found Paltrow was not at fault and granted her the requested $1 in damages. 

After the verdict was read, Paltrow was seen leaning down to talk to Sanderson but did not make a public statement.

The March 30 decision comes after more than a week of hearing arguments about whether Paltrow or Sanderson was harmed in the ski collision and whether either party, both or nobody is at fault as a result of negligence.

Sanderson was seeking more than $300,000 and had accused Paltrow of running into his back while skiing at Deer Valley ski resort in 2016. In a lawsuit filed in 2019—in which he initially sought $3.1 million before amending his complaint—he claimed the alleged ski crash left him with a “brain injury, four broken ribs and other serious injuries.”  

However, Paltrow denied knocking into him and said it was Sanderson who caused the ski collision. In her 2019 countersuit, she alleged he “plowed into her back” and that he blamed her for the collision “in an attempt to exploit her celebrity and wealth.” She sought a symbolic $1 as well as the cost of attorney fees. Sanderson has denied the allegations.

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