Sabadell wins its sixth water polo Champions at home

He CN Sabadell returns to reign in water polo in Europe. The field factor was once again essential to raise the sixth champions of his story and decide an exciting final in the pool of Can Llong, competed until the last second, against the CN Matarówhich also offered a brilliant image, but ended up letting go of the dream of its first European Cup in a historic final between two Catalan clubs. (8-9).

The splendid performance of Laura Esther in the sticks and the inspiration of Judith Forca, the author of three goals, was key for the Valles team, who offered an entire recital in defense and managed to lift the title in front of their fans. Sabadell came to dominate by up to four goals (2-6 and 3-7), but Mataró’s final rush left them one step away from forcing penalties, something that Laura Ester avoided.

Forca’s left hand

The final began with an opening goal from Anni Espar for him killed to which corresponded the North American Maggie Steffens also from afar to make it 1-1 in the first two minutes. From there, the defenses and, more specifically, the goalkeepers (Laura Ester and Maria Elena Sanchez) with three stops each avoided more movements. The Dutch from Sabadell was not fine either, Sabrina van der Slot who sent a penalty to the crossbar.

He Sabadell gave the blow in the second quarter already from the 1-2 of Matty Ortiz by elevation with the replica of Rita Keszthelyi for 2-2. The left hand of gold Judith Forca, currently the best player in Europe and key in the local victory in the semifinals, put the game in another dimension. Two of his goals from a distance along with another from Van der Sloot allowed the Sabadell open gap of three goals on the scoreboard (2-5) at halftime. At that point in the final, the killed he had wasted the five actions of superiority, for three of his rival.

Esther’s stop

Judith Forca He continued with his festival at the beginning of the third quarter to expand to 2-6, completing the 0-4 partial. the dutch van der Kraats woke up from torpor killedbut a counterattack with all the patience in the world was worth it for the premiere of Nona Perez and 3-7. After a few minutes without scoring, the Mataró captain, Clara Cambray found a loophole to score 4-7 and even those from Maresme enjoyed an option to get even further into the final, but they found themselves on the way to Laura Esther and the stringer.

He Sabadell had three goals ahead and eight minutes to go to get the sixth, while the killed he needed to score in that time everything that they had not scored in the other three quarters. The Mataró got down to work and three goals from Keszthelyi, Cambray and Silvia Avegno through one of maica garcia they made it 7-8 on the scoreboard. the young elena ruiz made a big debut in his first final to score 7-9 and then Simone van der Kraats returned the emotion with 8-9 with two minutes to go.

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With 20 seconds to go, the play that gave Sabadell the title came. vivien sevenich won the position to maica garciabut its release found the flight of the ‘little bird’ Laura Esther to give Sabadell the sixth Champions League.

Assolim CN Mataró, 8 – Astrapool CN Sabadell, 9

Assolim CN Mataró: Sanchez; Morell (-), Van der Kraats (2), Gual (-), Sevenich (-), Keszthelyi-Nagy (2), Cambray (2), Nogué (-), Avegno (1), Bertran (-), Espar (1), Claveria (-) and Carmona.

Astralpool CN Sabadell: Ester; Mati Ortiz (1), Leiton (-), Van der Sloot (1), Serrano (-), Steffens (1), Ruiz (1), García (1), Forca (3), Bea Ortiz (-), Pérez (1), Gonzalez (-), Carrasco

referees: Margeta (SLO) and Dutihl-Dumas (NED). No eliminated.

Partial: 1-1, 1-4, 2-2 and 4-2.

Incidents: Final of the Champions League played in the pool of CN Sabadell (Barcelona) in front of 1,500 spectators

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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