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Parents warned as studies show school pupils going into exams with nothing but energy drinks

Parents are being called on to check their teenagers’ lunchboxes to ensure they’re fuelling themselves with the right food during GCSE exam season.

As many as 72 per cent of teenagers have gone into an examination this month on just an energy drink or a packet of crisps or sweets, according to data commissioned by Love Fresh Berries.

Of those surveyed,  21 per cent are convinced their teenager lacks the concentration needed to do their best work in an exam, due to a poor and unhealthy diet.

A further 74 per cent agree their child would achieve better school results if they had a healthier lifestyle.

Teachers have shared their experiences of poorly provided lunches on social media.

According to one in Halifax, West Yorkshire, a primary school student brought in a pork pie and a can of shandy in for their lunchtime refreshment, telling the teacher that was ‘all there was in the fridge’.

Another student travelled in with a can of Red Bull and a packet of Monster Munch crisps.

When the mother was questioned, she responded by saying: ‘He’d had a late night on his Xbox and seemed like he needed a pick-me-up.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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