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Would Joseph Baena Want to Act With Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger? He Says…

For now, the actor is celebrating Arnold’s work in FUBAR, telling E!, “Gotta support the family.” 

Speaking of family, Joseph wasn’t the only one of the Terminator star’s kids to go to the premiere, with daughters Christina Schwarzenegger and Katherine Schwarzenegger also attending along with Katherine’s husband Chris Pratt.

During his chat with E! News, Joseph noted he hadn’t seen the series yet and wanted to save it for the big night.

“I’m really big on no spoilers,” he said, “so I made sure he didn’t tell me all the big secrets, all the big plot changes. So, I’m really excited to see this. He’s been so excited for it since he started shooting it. I remember FaceTiming him every day and telling him like, ‘What are you up to? Are we going to go work out?’ And he’d be like, ‘Joseph, I’m filming right now.’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, I keep forgetting!'”

Source of data and images: eonline

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