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Road rage pedophile hurls n-words at another driver and rams victim's car before crashing

A convicted sex offender was captured on video allegedly hurling the N-word at another driver and ramming their vehicle before he lost control of his Jeep and crashed on a California highway.

Tracy Robert Blackwell, 61, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and given hate crime enhancements following the road rage incident in Oakland that went viral.

The driver then crashed into a wall along the highway during the incident – giving a moment of instant retribution for those subject to his yells. 

Blackwell, who has criminal history and a registered sex offender, was arrested and booked in the jail Friday in connection to the viral incident. 

The video showed the man – later identified as Blackwell – yelling at the occupants of another vehicle before he appeared to intentionally ram into the victims’ ride. 

It was just seconds later when Blackwell lost control of his Jeep and crashed into a wall on the side of the freeway. 

The video was recorded on Interstate Highway 880 near Hegenberger Road in Oakland, CHP said. 

‘At one point during the video, it appeared the driver attempted to intentionally ram the victim’s vehicle before losing control and crashing into a wall on the right shoulder of the freeway,’ CHP said in a statement. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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