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Flight attendant shares 12 etiquette rules for summer flyers

A flight attendant revealed 12 rules for summer flyers while dishing on the worst things a passenger can possibly do in the sky.

Kristie Koerbel advised on proper flying etiquette ahead of summer travels in a New York Times piece that reads, ‘Never a Reason to Take Off Your Socks’: A Flight Attendant’s 12 Etiquette Rules.

What bags can go in the overhead bins?

Koerbel urged passengers to remember that their largest carry-on item is supposed to be stored in an overhead bin while their smallest item goes under their seat.

Since the bins are first-come, first-serve, Koerbel insisted travelers should respect the unspoken rule and not remove the baggage of other passengers in an attempt to fit their own.

‘Sliding bags to maximize space is fine but save the complex puzzle solving for the flight attendant,’ Koerbel wrote in The New York Times.

Do I have to swap seats? 


Source of data and images: dailymail

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