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I was desperate for the perfect bum but my implants are such an epic fail I’m a lesson to everyone

AN INFLUENCER has revealed the results of her botched surgery, with shocking pictures showing an implant bulging out of her buttock.

Yina Calderón, 31, posed in just her underwear while filming a workout, not long after undergoing surgery to her bum.

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Yina Calderón, Influencer showed off the results of her botched surgery while filming a workout[/caption]

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She had to have one implant removed and the other one was left bulging out of he buttock[/caption]

But far from the peachy derriere she wanted, the influencer’s footage showed the implant on her left buttock bulging out noticeably.

The Colombian, 31, said it her bum had become infected after her op, forcing to her to have one of the implants removed after three weeks.

This left only one remaining, which she must also have removed, since her body has been rejecting it.

“It is difficult to explain,” Yina said.

“But it is a great lesson in life and maybe it can make someone think before accepting something strange.”

Surprisingly, influencer’s pursuit of a perfect bum by surgical means isn’t over, despite her botched op.

“I’m trying to gain weight so they can remove fat and fill out my buttocks,” she shared.

However, she said that when revisits the operating room, she’ll know that “no one but me is responsible for their decisions”.

And she told her followers to “stay alert”.

Yina been criticised by fans for the number of surgeries she has undergone to improve her physique.

Despite that, others have praised her for her courage in sharing her story and highlighting the risks of surgeries.

Yina is not the only one to fall victim to botched operations.

A mum who “just wanted perkier boobs” was horrified when her implants “burst out of her chest”.

Meanwhile, a plastic surgeon told the Sun there are seven things to consider before flying to Turkey for a cheap surgery.

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Yina been criticised by fans for the number of surgeries she has undergone to improve her physique[/caption]

Source of data and images: thesun

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