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Edwin Castro served with lawsuit at California mansion claiming $2B Powerball ticket was stolen

Edwin Castro, the man who won $2billion in the Powerball lottery, was served with a lawsuit clamming that his winning ticket was stolen. 

Castro, 30, was at his new $25million mansion in California Thursday when he was served with the lawsuit.

Castro claimed the winning ticket and California lottery officials say he is the rightful owner of the $2billion prize. 

But that hasn’t stopped Jose Rivera from filing a lawsuit claiming the winning ticket was his. 

Rivera claims a man named ‘Reggie’ stole the ticket and refused to return it, saying it was a dud.

Reggie also reportedly said if did turn out to be a winner, that he would give up half the winnings. 

Rivera said he refused to be blackmailed and reported the alleged theft to police and lottery officials.

Both Castro and Reggie were named as co-defendants in the suit, according to a U.S. Sun report. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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