Killnet, who? And what are they known for?

Anonymous hackers, who organized attacks on the Internet resources of the Russian media, themselves became victims of hacking. Russian programmers from the Killnet group have disabled their website and left their video message on it.

Hackers from the Killnet group said that they hacked the site Anonymous, which was involved in attacks on the Internet sources known to Russian media.

Killnet who...? And what are they known for

The programmers recorded an anonymous video message urging Russians not to believe fakes posted on the Internet and urging them not to panic amid events in Ukraine.

Very soon this conflict will end, and we will find peace. Do not be afraid, Russia, no one and nothing can threaten you. Unknown hackers, take care of restoring your site, it seems pathetic against the background of the threats you are facing to our country. ”

What is known about the Killnet group?

The hacker group was created relatively recently. The first post on their official Telegram channel is dated January 23, 2022. Then the programmers reported on the latest preparations for the site: “In the final stage of development – the release will start on January 31.”

Killnet has several domains (io, org, online, tech, net). However, the services are not currently available for viewing.

What does the Killnet group do?

According to the group itself, their task is to protect client computer data from hacker attacks. coders

Hackers confirm to customers. In announcing their service “the world’s first decentralized robots”. “Your data is no longer stored in databases and is not transmitted to third parties in some form of hosting and servers. Our bots use the latest WEB3 technology. Your data is stored distributed throughout the Blockchain and is not available to law enforcement.”

Hackers claim that their customers can use the Killnet service safely and “don’t worry about their safety.”

What is the Killnet group known for?

Since the hacker group appeared recently, almost nothing is known about bots. At the moment, Russian hackers are remembered only for hacking the website of the well-known group Anonymous and their video message to the Russians about the attack on local media sites.


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