Zelensky announces agreement with Russia is approaching

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with CBS, said that the Ukrainian and Russian delegations are “very close” to agreeing on agreements on the country’s non-nuclear, non-blocking and neutral status.

He noted that Ukraine would accept a non-nuclear, non-bloc neutral status, but at the same time Ukraine would join the European Union.

Zelensky also noted that an important part of the agreements are security guarantees, which should include a group of countries that support Ukraine and adhere to “certain security conditions” recorded in the documents.

Several rounds of negotiations took place between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations earlier. After the talks in Istanbul, the head of the Russian delegation to the talks, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, noted that Kyiv began to approach the issue of the neutral status more realistically.


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