France sends a missile defense system capable of shooting down ballistic missiles to Romania

The French Armed Forces will deploy the SAMP/T air defense system in Romania at the Capo Media military base in the province of Constanta for the benefit of NATO forces.

“The SAMP/T medium-range anti-aircraft missile system is a complex weapon system that can provide protection for forces operating in its area of ​​deployment. In order to increase the efficiency of the system and meet the needs of the integrated air and missile defense of NATO, the SAMP/T is linked and integrated with Romanian defense and missile defense systems to NATO, the French General Staff said in its statement.

It should be noted that the SAMP / T system can track 100 targets and hit 10 of them at the same time. This is the only European system designed to destroy ballistic missiles.

Earlier, the representative of the French Foreign Ministry, Anne-Claire Legendre, said that neither France, nor the European Union, nor NATO want a war with Russia. The French Foreign Ministry said on May 19 that NATO forces were not taking part in the fighting in Ukraine.

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