Monkeypox cases detected in Denmark and Scotland

The first cases of monkeypox infection have been recorded in Denmark and Scotland, according to the Danish Serum Institute, citing the country’s Ministry of Health and the Scottish Health Service.

According to the institute, a man who had recently returned from the island of Gran Canaria in northwest Africa contracted the infection in Denmark. The disease is mild and the patient is in isolation at home.

A representative of the Thure Grove Krause Institute said: “In general, the Danes have nothing to worry about, but we are well aware of the outbreak, as we are seeing a wider spread of the disease outside Africa for the first time. Therefore, we cannot predict in advance how many people could be infected.”

One person was also infected in Scotland. The exact location of infection and possible contact has not been established, but the patient is under the supervision of physicians.

“He is receiving appropriate care and treatment and contacts are being traced,” the agency said, adding that the Scottish Department of Health was collaborating with colleagues in the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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