The dangers of washing hair with cold water

Written by: Zizi Abdel Ghaffar.
With regular hair washing with ice water, scalp problems can begin, and for people with high blood pressure and heart problems, such a procedure is a risk as it can cause vasospasm.

The ideal water temperature for washing your hair is 30 degrees, if you regularly wash your hair with very cold water, it can lead to a spasm of blood vessels, and this procedure is especially dangerous for people with chronic diseases.

Experts note that “exposure to cold temperatures can also cause headaches, and washing your hair with cold water is not allowed for patients with high blood pressure, angina, coronary heart disease and thrombosis.”

Even in a healthy person, washing your hair with cold water can lead to sinusitis or otitis media. In addition, the hair will begin to get dirty faster and become unkempt.

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