The perfect time to have breakfast after waking up

People need breakfast, because in the morning the metabolic processes begin in the body.

According to the nutritionist, it is preferable to wait a certain period from waking up until eating.

“It is recommended that breakfast is not taken immediately after waking up, but usually from 30 minutes to an hour after that. On average, after 40 minutes.

If the feeling of hunger is very strong in the morning, you can eat immediately. However, it must be remembered that breakfast should consist of whole grains and protein foods.

“Ideally, it is good to eat complex carbohydrates and protein. Say, porridge and cottage cheese or a piece of low-fat cheese. But you can also take turns. Let’s say that today breakfast contains carbohydrates, a kind of porridge, and the next day it is pure protein – an omelette With vegetables”.

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