Germany recognizes the impossibility of fulfilling all the wishes of Ukraine

Germany recognizes the impossibility of fulfilling all the wishes of Ukraine….

Vice-Chancellor, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck, said that he did not agree with the accusations that Berlin was reluctant to provide assistance to Kiev against the background of the continuation of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Habeck admitted in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, that Germany cannot fulfill all the wishes of the Ukrainian authorities in the context of military support.

“As we speak, Ukrainian soldiers are learning on the Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled artillery. Therefore, it is in no way about not providing Germany with anything or supplying very little. It is true that Berlin cannot fulfill all the wishes of Ukraine, this creates a certain tension,” Habeck explained. “.

From the German Vice Chancellor’s point of view, much is expected of Berlin, as the largest economy within the European Union, in the current situation. According to him, the country is also affected by the fact that in recent years it “has not been critical of the Russian government.”

Habeck stressed: “Today we are facing debts that occurred in the past, but I think that the accusations that Germany does little to nothing are wrong as they can be described.”

Earlier, the media reported that Germany, Italy and France began to reconsider their position on Ukraine in favor of ending the conflict as soon as possible.

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