The dangerous Cl0p cybergroup is back to attack new victims

The Cl0p cybergroup is back and starting to attack new targets, according to the report from security firm NCC Group.

It is reported that in March only one victim suffered from the actions of hackers, and in April their number increased to 21. The company did not specify who exactly suffered from Cl0p attacks.

An increase in Cl0p activity signals the group’s return to the cybercrime arena.
Matt Hall, head of threat intelligence at NCC Group, said organizations in the industry and technology sectors should be aware of and prepare for potential ransomware attacks.

The group is known to target the industrial and technology sectors, with victims of the hackers including oil giant Shell, US bank Flagstar, Samsung and Nvidia.

Earlier, a site dedicated to a new hacker group was found on the network. It’s called RansomHouse and it consists of information security professionals who are not satisfied with payments to find weaknesses in corporate infrastructure.

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