Digital twins for people about to appear

Technology analyst Rob Enderle said that very soon the first versions of digital twins for people from all over the world will appear in the world.

“Their appearance itself is linked to a tremendous amount of thinking and ethical considerations, because a thoughtful version of ourselves can be incredibly useful to employers,” Enderle said in an interview with the BBC.

Enderle noted that over time, the creation of the digital twin will lead to the fact that companies will start hiring them so as not to pay people salaries. According to him, the first such “digital people” will go into production before the end of the 1920s.

According to the channel, the digital twin is an exact copy of a person in the physical world, whose purpose is to help with its true version and provide feedback to the “origin”.

Analyst Enderle explained that the doppelganger project will be associated with the emergence of the metaverse era, in which real people can access through a virtual reality helmet.

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