The Russian fleet conducts maneuvers in the Barents Sea

The Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation completed exercises in the Barents Sea, and ships and a nuclear submarine took part in the exercises. as a conditional enemy. According to the press service of the fleet.

The press service said that “the two large anti-submarine ships Severomorsk and Admiral Levchenko, as part of the ship’s search and attack group, worked to destroy a fake enemy submarine in the Barents Sea.”

It was determined that during the exercises, the submarine in the role of the enemy had to overcome the anti-submarine line and attack. It was conditionally destroyed by a torpedo attack by anti-submarine ships.

The NATO Dynamic Mongoose large anti-submarine exercises will begin in the North Atlantic on Monday. It is expected that three submarines, 11 ships and 16 anti-submarine aircraft from the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal will participate.

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