Benefits of adding banana peels to baked goods?

Researchers from Aligarh Islamic University and University of Houston have shown that adding crushed banana peel to flour improves the nutritional properties of biscuits made from it without compromising flavor or shelf life.

The scientists compared biscuits made with 7.5% to 15% of dried and ground banana peel fibers. The results showed significant differences in moisture content (3.9-7.5 grams), protein (1.75-8.75 grams), fats (12.3-25.9 grams) and ash ie minerals (1-3-2.00 grams) per 100 grams of the final product.

The highest moisture and ash content was recorded with 15% banana peel, and the highest protein and fat content was in those made with regular flour. In addition, biscuits enriched with banana peel flour with antioxidants: their content increased by about 30 mg.

Volunteers who were asked to try different types of biscuits reported that the “banana” biscuits tasted as good as regular biscuits. But the high content of banana peels made the biscuits brown and hard, possibly due to the extra coarse fibres, although the biscuit hardness decreases with storage. In general, the texture of the biscuits was more attractive to the volunteers with a skin content of 7.5%.

Product kept well at room temperature for three months. Banana peel can extend its shelf life due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial content.

Eating the peel of the fruit not only makes it healthier, but also reduces food waste – about 40% of the weight of a banana is in the peel, and in most cases this nutritious part is eliminated. The same is true for the peels of other fruits, such as mango, which have been found to enhance the antioxidant properties of cake layers and enhance their flavour.

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