Bad habits can extend life!

Bad habits can extend life! 

– The secret to longevity lies in a sense of proportion. You can put up with a lot, but the main thing is to keep the golden mean in everything.

Rehabilitation therapist Dr. Svetlana Malinovskaya outlined habits that you can “pamper yourself with” after the age of 60.

“If you reach retirement age without a package of chronic diseases. This indicates that for many years you have been taking care of your body carefully and deserve some indulgence. But the main thing is not to be intolerant,” Malinovskaya says.

First, the doctor recommended not to quit coffee. “The drink, which everyone over the age of sixty is encouraged to avoid, is no longer on the prohibited list!

Malinovskaya explains that a cup prepared from freshly ground, high-quality beans reduces the likelihood of premature death.

The second “indulgence” relates to moderate alcohol use – the expert concluded that “no more than two glasses of beer or wine a day will help reduce the risk of premature death,” adding that it is very important to enjoy life in order to feel happy (and thus prolong life).

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