China builds magnetic train that can fly forever

China builds magnetic train that can fly “forever” 

– In China, they built a test line of permanent magnets.

Maglev is a magnetic train that does not touch the rails, but flies over them due to repulsion. It does not have wheels, so the magneto-magnet does not brake due to the friction of the axles, and the force of the discs does not limit their speed.

As a result, the speed of such a train can approach the speed of an airplane, but the strength of the magnets must be very high, so the running lines work on superconductors.

An 800m experimental magnetic line was built in Ganzhou Province, running on permanent magnets. The train accelerates to 80 kilometers per hour, while electromagnets are still used for acceleration: magnetic elements made of rare earth metals support it on the road and allow it to park in the parking lot without consuming energy.

In theory, this will reduce the operating cost of the system, by reducing energy consumption and eliminating the complex cooling system of superconducting magnets.

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