Angelina Jolie writes a column for Time magazine supporting Afghan women

On the first anniversary of the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the 47-year-old actress, Angelina Jolie ، known not only for her roles, but also for an active citizen, wrote an article in which she spoke about the atrocities faced by Afghan women.

In the article, Jolie recalled meeting a young refugee living in Rome who, prior to the overthrow of the Afghan government, was “months away from qualifying as a doctor” and whose sisters were also deprived of an education.

“Overnight, they and 14 million Afghan women and girls lost their right to attend high school or university, the right to work and freedom of movement,” Jolie wrote.

The actress described the progress of Afghan women over the past two decades as “a shining light in the years of continued violence and suffering for the Afghan people,” noting that these gains “have declined at an unimaginable speed.”

Jolie also spoke about the appalling treatment of Afghan women – public beatings, kidnappings and forced marriages – and called on the world to “not turn away” from them.


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