Media: Putin issues a frightening warning to the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a chilling warning to the West by announcing the provision of powerful weapons to its allies.

According to Daily Express writer Matthew Dooley, Putin at the 2022 Army Forum “made clear” to Western countries that he was ready to provide powerful modern weapons to countries such as Iran and North Korea.

As Matthew pointed out, if Russia begins supplying or increasing sales of modern weapons to countries hostile to the West, this may be seen as a provocation.

Earlier, Putin at the Military Forum 2022 praised the role of Russia’s allies and partners. According to him, the Russian Federation is ready to offer “the latest types of weapons – from small arms to armored vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and drones.”

He also said that Russia intends, together with its allies, to create new models of weapons and equipment. Separately, he noted the experience of such cooperation within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


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