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Legal expert: By going to Belgium, the Moroccan imam Hassan Ekwessen complied with the decision of the State Council

From the point of view of French law, if Imam Hassan Echoessen went to Belgium, he cannot be described as a criminal, as he is not accused of committing a crime, and the State Council’s decision to leave the country has been complied with.

This is what the Professor of Public Law at the University of Grenoble Alpes Serge Salama sees as a pointer in an interview With the French newspaper Liberation, the governor of Hauts-de-France is violating the rule of presumption of innocence by describing the Moroccan imam as a fugitive from justice. He added that a foreigner who is subject to the deportation procedure can carry it out spontaneously, and this is expressly provided for in the Law on Foreigners.

Salameh explained that Belgium can, within the framework of the Schengen agreements, extradite this imam to France, but he pointed out that such a procedure is a blatant contradiction: how can he return to France while he is subject to a ruling of final expulsion from this country.

The case – according to the professor of public law – does not fall within a criminal context, and there are no judicial prosecutions, and if this imam was actually a fugitive, he would be under a European arrest warrant.

and in Discussion In the newspaper La Croix about the circumstances of the Moroccan imam case, Gilles Claverle-Privé, the former ministerial delegate in charge of combating racism and anti-Semitism, and Hawes Sniger, a lecturer in political sciences at the prestigious Sciences Po University spoke.

They wondered if the French government had gone too far with this issue, and Singer warned that in this case the government “has moved from the realm of free and legitimate criticism of the individual’s public discourse and behavior to a form of thought police.” According to him, the state should not deal with criticism repressively based on fluctuating and unstable criteria.

Singer criticized what he considered double standards in this imam’s case, for in order for logic to be morally strong and politically coherent, the same situations must be dealt with in the same way.

The political science lecturer highlighted that Imam Echoessen admitted that he had made discriminatory speeches in the past, but he stressed that this was not always the case and that – recently – he has become more cautious.

Source: Aljazeera



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