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Jordan.. Start of maneuvers "Lion-prepared" With the participation of forces from 27 countries

The “Eager Lion” maneuvers were launched in Jordan today, Sunday, with the participation of 27 countries, including the United States, Britain and France, and interspersed with operations to combat terrorism and threats of weapons of mass destruction.

The Jordanian army said in a statement that this tenth session of the training aims to “joint work in the field of combating terrorism, developing security capabilities, and cooperating between agencies and institutions of different countries to respond to security threats and internal crises.”

The statement added that the exercises were designed on scenarios that simulate the reality, conditions and challenges facing the whole world, including the threat of terrorism, as well as new threats such as the use of weapons of mass destruction of various types.

The statement stressed that during the exercise, several meetings and seminars will be held that will bring together senior military leaders and figures, with the aim of discussing the most important problems and dilemmas facing the world on the security front and how to address them.

According to the statement, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Kazakhstan, Austria, Sweden, Cyprus, Kenya, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Pakistan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Morocco, in addition to Jordan, are participating in these exercises.

During a joint press conference held by the director of Jordanian military media, Mustafa Al-Hiyari, and the spokesman for the participating US forces, Colonel Smith, Al-Hiyari said that the number of forces participating in the military training is 4,300 soldiers and 1,000 civilians, considering that this diversity gives a deeper dimension to the exercise.

Al-Hiyari considered that no country can confront the threats alone, even the superpowers.

The “Eager Lion” exercise has been carried out on the territory of Jordan since 2011 in various training fields of the armed forces, and a number of schools and training centers, with the wide participation of various land, air and sea weapons, in addition to participants from institutions concerned with crisis management, ministries and security services.

Source: Aljazeera



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